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The Centre has a library with over 3000 books and journals. The Centre is indebted to the Shastri Indo- Canadian Institute, New Delhi; the Government of Canada; Visiting Faculty from Canada who have donated books, and the UGC for the collection. Students and faculty members from the adjacent States of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, in addition to our own students, are using these materials extensively. Consequently, there has been a steady stream of students and researchers at the Centre, desirous of working on Canadian Studies. The library has become an ever-growing store-house of information to aspiring Canadianists. This has been computerized partially.

Papers Offered:

At the M.A. level
1. Canadian Poetry and Fiction as part of a paper on New Literatures
2. South Asian Canadian Writing
4. Native Studies
5. Arctic Landscape in Canadian Fiction
6. Canadian and Indian Federalism is offered at the Department of Political Science, University of Kerala

Online Course Material On Canadian Studies

Section A -- History of Canada | Download PDF
Section B -- Multicultural Society | Download PDF
Section C -- Canadian Literature
Unit 1. English Canadian Literature | Download PDF
Unit 2. French Canadian Literature | Download PDF
Unit 3. First Nations Writing | Download PDF
Unit 4. Italian & Jewish Canadian Literature | Download PDF
Unit 5. Asian Canadian Literature | Download PDF
Unit 6. African and Caribbean Canadian Literature | Download PDF
Course material compiled and edited by:

Dr. Jameela Begum A
UGC Area Centre for Canadian Studies
University of Kerala

Dr. P. P. Ajayakumar
Director, IDE
University of Kerala

Dr. B. Hariharan
Institute of English
University of Kerala

Dr. Lal C. A.
Department of English
Christian College

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