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The Centre for Canadian Studies at the University of Kerala was set up in 1991 to further India Canada relationship and to explore and promote academic research in Canadian Studies. In recognition of the commendable work done by the Centre, the UGC awarded it the prestigious Area Studies Centre Status in 2003 -- the only one of its kind in the University of Kerala -- to promote teaching and research on Canada. The Centre focuses attention on Culture and Literary Studies, Sociological and Demographic Studies, Science and Technology, Political Science and International Relations.

The Centre could achieve its present status because of sustained efforts to generate and propagate interest in interdisciplinary Canadian Studies, among the academia in India. Prof. Jameela Begum, the Founder Director of the Centre had a vision about the growth of the Canadian Studies programme in the university and worked tirelessly to achieve it; it is now funded by the UGC as part of the Area Studies Programme. The Centre has to date organized 31 Seminars/ Conferences/Workshops/Lecture Series. These have focused on current fields of intellectual enquiry and involved participants from diverse disciplines from India and abroad. Over 50 resource persons from Canadian universities have delivered lectures and initiated profitable deliberations at these forums. The centre has brought out 14 publications on various aspects of Canadian Studies, including one translation of Canadian short stories.

Eight faculty members and seven research scholars associated with the Centre were awarded the Government of Canada Fellowships and have served productive tenures at various Canadian universities. Mr. Kaley Mason from the University of Alberta, working on his Ph.D. titled Tribals and their Music in Kerala was attached to the University of Kerala and was here for a year.

The Centre has a library with over 3000 books and journals. Students and faculty members from the adjacent States of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, in addition to our own students, are using these materials extensively. The library is partially computerized and has become an ever-growing storehouse of information to aspiring Canadianists.

The Universities in Kerala are now offering different courses in Canadian Studies related to their postgraduate, M.Phil., and Doctoral Programmes, and the Centre Library has always been a major source of study material and academic aid to these students.

Canadian Writers and Scholars like James Reaney, Carol Shields, M.G. Vassanji, David Williams, Shelagh Wilkinson, Carole Farber, Smaro Kamboureli, Dennis Duffy, Mary Ann Duffy, Terry Goldie, John Wood, Frank Davey, Merrily Weisbord, Claire Harris, Barbara Godard, Arun Mukherjee, Uma Parameswaran, Arnold Itwaru, Balbir Sahni, Coral Ann Howells, Robin Howells, Chelva Kanakanayagam, Yuko Shibata, John Samuel, Drew Taylor, Lee Maracle, Columpa Bobb, Ric Knowles and Prabhjot Parmar have delivered lectures and interacted with the students at the Centre.

The Director, faculty members and students of the Area Study centre have been an active presence in all Canadian Studies Conferences and seminars in the country. They have sought to nurture close ties with the academic communities in Canada and elsewhere in the country so as to imbibe new trends and develop fresh perspectives.

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