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  1. Humour Traditions in Australia and Canada. Ed. B. Hariharan and Suja Kurup P.L. Emerald: Chennai. 2020. | Cover Page>>
  2. Hariharan, B & P.P. Ajayakumar. Ed. Convergence and Configurations of Disciplines: Canada and India. New Delhi: Creative. 2014.  | Cover Page>>
  3. A monograph series on the writers - Rudy Wiebe, Carol Shields and Aritha van Herk. Compiled by research scholars and edited by Dr. Jameela Begum. These were released in January 2006.  | Cover Page>>
  4. Figuring the Nation : Race, Gender and Identity. Ed. Jameela Begum & Ajayakumar. Centre for Canadian Studies, 2004.  | Cover Page>>
  5. 11 Canadian Kathakal (Malayalam) Ed. Jameela Begum & Ajayakumar. Chengannur: Rainbow Publications, 2004 .  | Cover Page>>
  6. Littcrit: A Special Number on Canadian Studies. Vol. 28 No. 1, 2002. Guest Editor: Jameela Begum.  | Cover Page>>
  7. Canadian Diaspora: Asia Pacific Immigration. Ed. Jameela Begum and B. Hariharan. New Delhi: Creative Books, 2001.  | Cover Page>>
  8. Writers of the Indian Disapora Series: Cyril Dabydeen (Monograph) Jameela Begum. Jaipur, Rawat Publications,2001.
  9. Reconstructing Parameters: Women in Canada and India. Ed. Jameela Begum and
    Meena T. Pillai. Trrivandrum: Centre for Canadian Studies,
    University of Kerala, 1998.  | Cover Page>>
  10. Literary Theory (Re) Reading Culture and Aesthetics. Ed. Jameela Begum and B. Hariharan. New Delhi: Pencraft International, 1997.  | Cover Page>>
  11. Canadian Voices: An Anthology of Canadian Poetry. Ed. Shirin Kudchedkar and Jameela Begum. Delhi: Pencraft International, 1996.  | Cover Page>>
  12. South Asian Canadiana. Ed. Jameela Begum and Maya Dutt. Madras: Anu Chitra Publications, 1995.  | Cover Page>>
  13. Canadian Literature: Perspectives. Ed. Jameela Begum.
    Madras: Macmillan, 1994.  | Cover Page>>
  14. Post - Colonial Preoccupations in Canadian and Indian English Fiction. Ed. Jameela Begum, Kerala University Press, 1989.  | Cover Page>>

The fourteen publications of the Centre, which include collections of critical and scholarly essays as well as a translated volume of Canadian short-stories, have proved to be very valuable to students of Canadian Studies. More publications are in the offing.

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